Blowing Away the Cobwebs

Hello again! After a long hiatus, I’m writing again. Since February 2017 I’ve been a right busy bee preparing my first chapter for my MPhil/PhD upgrade submission (thankfully passed), researching, working in and out of the academy, and generally spinning more plates than I have limbs.

Now in the second year of my PhD studies, I’ve re-titled my thesis, and have been reading more widely and working on my second chapter. During the winter of last year I also had an unfortunate dip in my mental health which massively impacted my ability to research, write, or generally do anything. I’m now, for the most part, coping much better with the aid of medication.

I’ve been thinking about what I’d like this blog to be and I have some ideas: bits on research, bits on culture (both current and Victorian), and bits on life as a PhD student. With any luck, this will be a more regularly updated website!

Take care and happy reading,


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